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Our History

Our building rises up at the feet of a beautiful hill of good clay.

We are in the South of the province of Siena where the clay are usual. This circumstance, surely, it has been one of the good reasons that brought the founders, 9 ex-servicemen of the Big War “15-18”, to begin the brick working.

Other good reason it was dictated from the crossing of the territory from the “Cassia”, the main route that connected Rome to Florence.

Now the factory is growing up and it is an important name in the market. An undertaking enterprising and ready to be renewed continually, following the technologies more advanced in the field, it has been able to realize, in the heart of this land of Siena, in San Quirico d’Orcia, installation of tiles production and drilled bricks, able to impose their selves for their quality, conquering the national market and farther foreign markets.

The “cotto senese” of the San Quirico d’Orcia’s factory is particularly sought-after for building repairs when quality and compatibility with the environment are requested.

Our factory rises up at the foot of a beautiful hill of good clay; the same clay that in the XVIII century has been the raw material for the marvellous artistic ceramics of the Chigi manufacture, famous in the world.

The factory has a laboratory for the control of all production but in particular for the production of the tiles that are the point of strength of the factory.

When our goods come out from the production process, they have reached a qualitative synthesis that has not fear of comparisons. Our organization and our supply network can reach you everywhere in Italy and abroad for the better conclusion of the house, that is the most durable and most important between the property of a man.



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